We here at Marilyn Properties have been managing our own commercial properties in Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe counties since 1939.  We are also available to Investors seeking skilled management services for their commercial properties.

What we have learned over the years can now benefit you!  Here are some of the services we provide:

  • Market, Show & Lease your vacant units
  • Monitor current market conditions
  • Provide comparables in your area to be sure you’re receiving fair market rents
  • Collect Rents
  • Calculate annual rental adjustments for CPI, Tax & Ins & CAM increases
  • Analyze CAM expenses, Taxes & Insurance costs (perhaps some expenses could be reduced)
  • Hire Tax Abatement Service to lower taxes
  • Confirm Insurance needs
  • Shop costs for ongoing CAM services and compare
  • Monitor maintenance expenses
  • Collect & Pay monthly state sales tax
  • Manage and Pay Maintenance Contractors
  • Monitor Lease Expirations and assist in negotiating new terms
  • Provide guidance for new Tenants (if Tenants don’t succeed, the Landlord wont either)
  • Give new Tenants a list of authorities to contact for their start-up needs
  • Insure new Tenants install signage in keeping with the Center and the law
  • Request Tenants provide Landlords with Insurance and Annual Licenses
  • Evictions process when needed

We provide all of the above and MORE.  Choose which services you require, or all of them!  We bill accordingly.

Don’t even think about it. 

Call us today, meet the team, and receive an estimate for your specific needs.


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